Brooklyn bred La’Ron is no stranger to the arts. His talents started to shine early on as a musician and dancer and he continues to teach, dance, choreograph and perform throughout New York City. Everyone that knows him knows he loves to dance so there is always a club vibe to his music. His music also reflects every emotion that comes with being a Pisces including being in your feelings or in a fantasy world. La’Ron also developed, curated and co-hosts a series of open mic events in Harlem called Voices Unbodied. It is a safe space that targets gay artists of color to perform. La’Ron’s vision is to share his work to reach a crowd who would understand his blackness and queerness.

He just released his first single “S2DG (Shoutouts 2 Da Gurlz)” on all streaming platforms. It’s such a pride worthy song with La’Ron coming out to the world as a different type of artist.  A complete EP #AndThenItWasMyTurn is being recorded. La’Ron says, “It’s like a venting session with myself. There’s so many people spreading hate that I feel the need to work overtime to share love. I just wanna be another voice that stands for love is love.”

Currently his main focus is just enjoying the high of creation. Who knows what will transpire between today and a month from now. He is enjoying figuring out who he is as an artist before being told by everyone else. This is a crucial moment just beginning to get to know La’Ron. “One of the dopest experiences as a supporter is to see the growth of the artist and you feel like you’ve grown with them. “